It Was the Kind Of Day…

It was the kind of day where

I couldn’t stop to think about anything for too long a time…

or else burst into tears.

Not that I was sad.  Just tired.

But I found this a perfectly adequate way of dealing with my day, because

I got through it with nary a tissue.

I had no time for “I don’t want to” or “I can’t”.

Oh, I thought briefly of these phrases but distracted myself with another task before the negativity settled in …like a big glob of putrid pessimism that sticks in ever nook and cranny of life.

And I got lots done,

not everything,

but enough to let me sleep tonight without wrestling with the unsettledness of

“I gotta”,

“I shoulda”,

“why didn’t I?”.

It was the kind of day that reminded me that feeling overwhelmed is a feeling

that usually passes over the course of a day

or at least dissipates enough to let me breathe a deep cleansing breath

and sleep a sound sleep.

All I have to do is remember not to succumb to the illusion of hopelessness it may pose and

ride it out,

looking behind me at all the little successes I’ve accomplished throughout the day.


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