What Promises to be a Weekend to Remember

“This promises to be a weekend to remember. Both creatively and romantically you are on top of your game at the moment and, in fact, that is exactly how you like to look at life – as a game. Play the game and play to win.” (Globe and Mail)

And so reads my Horoscope for the weekend. Now, there is the slight chance the “creative” part might happen. I’ve had a good sleep, besides cleaning my toilets and marking English assignments I may be able to squeeze in some time to exercise my imagination by working on some short stories, my novel that’s stalled at chapter two (and has for the last decade) actually put some paint on the canvas calling me from easel in my spare bedroom.

But, my guffaw turns to hysterical laughter at the “romantic” part. As a single person living in a condo predominantly inhabited by senior citizens on a day that has the potential to reach -30C at most, my chances of experiencing anything remotely romantic is 0% at best.

Sure, I’d like to think some tall dark and handsome, literary Lothario has pulled a moving van into the parking lot of my building and is unpacking his library and various objets d’art from his travels into a suite just down the hall from mine…

…but somehow I don’t think that is going to happen.

So, I’ve decided not to change out of my blue and white stripped flannel pajamas, off white “cause” t-shirt and fifteen year old extra-large grey, unraveling at the sleeves Dallas Cowboy sweatshirt or wash my hair for the entirety of the weekend just to increase the odds of this happening.

As for looking at life “as a game”. Nope. That’s not me. Unless, of course, the game is an individual sport. I’m not one for competition unless it’s against myself. And even then I don’t get hugely wrapped up in the end result of things. Most days. Absolutely one must set her own course, actively participate, make decisions. But for the most part life will unravel as it will.

Funny thing about horoscopes, they usually possess just about as much insightfulness as fortune cookies…only without the crunchy goodness. But, that’s not to say they aren’t pretty darn entertaining to read on a snowy winter morning …

even above the annoying beeping noise of a moving van backing up outside my window.


3 thoughts on “What Promises to be a Weekend to Remember

  1. Have you ever used Rob Brezney’s “Free Will Astrology”? I love them. They are always entertaining in and of themselves- and there’s usually a theme that permeates each horoscope. It’s cool, you might like it! If you google “Brezney Free Will Astrology” it should come right up if you are interested! Thinking about a snowy winter morning makes me feel all cozy!

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