Banishing the Stones

Well another birthday has come and gone

and what I found to be a pleasant surprise was how calmly I faced the day. In the past birthdays have been something of an ordeal. Seeming to be like heavy stones placed upon my chest,

one large stone after another,

one for each birthday that passes.

Pressing and crushing me until I cannot breathe like some medieval torture attempt at forcing me to

confess my failures.

But this year the stones were miraculously lifted. Instead I felt calm

and something else.

Something elusive and rare.

What was this feeling? Could it be?


And no I was not medicated.

Or drunk.

I think I was just


Instead hyperventilating about all the things I have yet to do, or wishing I had taken a different path in life,

I woke up excited about the possibilities that lay ahead.

When you get older you don’t have the strength to remove the stones of unfulfillment, you just realize that they are

mere figments of a misguided imagination or irrelevant expectations

and that they really don’t matter in the whole scheme of life.

So the only stones in life are the ones that you pass along the way.


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