Free-Writing on the Status Quo, Stagnation and Self

“The last of human freedoms – the ability to choose one’s attitude …” Viktor Frankl

Why are some of us so stuck on the status quo?

Choosing to be stuck, not exactly happy with where we’re at but not willing to do anything or even entertain the idea of changing the reality in which we find ourselves.

Or worse yet, are unhappy, not willing to change, and blame everyone else for the shortcomings we see around us.

Failing to see that you and only you are the common denominator in the sameness that you see. And heaven forbid anyone asks you to even contemplate a shift in perspective. That would mean you’re not perfect.

I admit to growing more cynical the older I get. I could blame it on a pre-middle aged crisis, and often do just because I don’t like to think of myself as owning the power to change.

That might mean work.

Or worse yet, admitting I have room to grow as a friend, as a daughter

as a sister

as a professional

as a person.

And sometimes I’m too tired to attempt the self – reflection. But quite often ignorance isn’t bliss when it comes to rigidly maintaining, “what always has been”. Unless, of course, you find contentment in stagnation. More often I need to recognize the area I can improve then make the effort to do so.

It’s just easier to blame the system.

Or my genetics.

Or OTHER people.

To consistently buy lottery tickets in the hope that I’ll win big then run away from it all. But, chances are, that would only be fun for a short while. Then many an opportunity for self reflection will present itself to me and I’ll have to take responsibility for my own growth as a human being


We should never be completely happy with the way things are. We should always look to see how our reality can be “better”. Because ultimately if we at least try to improve our own little niche in the world our surroundings can’t help but improve as well.


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