Book Club Bounty

I’ve belonged to the same book club for the last fifteen years.  Over that time members have come and gone but there is a good solid core that have remained the same.  What a wonderful thing it is to feel safe enough to get your “geek on” with a bunch of like-minded folk.

And get our geek on we do.

Our book club always takes a hiatus over the summer and then meet for the first time of the “season” in September.  It is at this first meeting where we bring a bounty of literary treasures we’ve discovered (some we have read, but most suggestions are for what we WANT to read) over the summer.

We meet ten times throughout the year


this means we get ten votes.  Ten votes we can use any way we want to…which means I can place all ten of my votes on one book if I so chose.

And I’ve decided to share with you, my dear readers, the winners of last night’s vote.  And what an eclectic collection it is:

1.  “The Leopard” by Jo Nesbo

2.  “A Long Long Way” by Sebastian Barry

3.  “The Key” by Simon Toyne

4.  “Run” by Ann Patchett

5. “Bastard Out of Carolina” by Dorothy Allison

6. “The Black Count” by Tom Reiss

7.  “Astray” by Emma Donahue

8.   “Peaches for Monsieur Le Cure” by Joanne Harris

9.  “Cloud Atlas” by David Mitchell

10.  “The Casual Vacancy” by J.K. Rowling

And what a wonderful year it will be!  What titles will be on your reading list?


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