Today’s Thoughts on My Profession

Sometimes when you’re tired it’s just easier to fall into what you’ve always done….

even if it isn’t for the best.

We default to “familiar” because it




What I’ve accomplished looked like “success” because it was passable


I’ve convinced myself it was the best I could have done…

because I’ve always done it this way.

But when I step back, get a chance to re-group and catch my breath

I realize that I could have done better.

That *gasp* I don’t know it all. That there could be a another way…

a better way.

And I realize that my stubbornness and pride has made me blind to my potential.

That my fatigue has only been because I’ve been stuck in a rut. That I wasn’t completely right

and I still have things to learn.

Because I’m a teacher

and I’ll never know it all

because I’ve got to stoke the curiosities

of one hundred DIFFERENT individuals everyday

if I’m going to make the slightest difference.

Most days I’m up for the challenge.

And other days I have to surround myself with those whose excitement and passion about my profession

is strong enough to hold me up.

Today was such a day.

And I’m so grateful to have those people in my life.


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