Banishing the Klutz

I had a day where, after tossing and turning all night I woke up

thirty minutes after I fell asleep.

When I did wake up I had a headache so I opened my medicine cabinet, took out an Advil, dropped the Advil on the floor, bent down to pick it up

then promptly smacked the top of my head on the corner of the door of the medicine cabinet.

After holding a cold washcloth on the top of my head to stop the bleeding (no worries the blood loss was minimal) I figured I could sit and curl my hair. Frustratingly my bangs were misbehaving (a front chunk stubbornly sticking perpendicular to my foreheads) so I decided to get out my “big gun” straightener, circa 2005,

and proceeded to burn my forehead.

(I have a nice quarter sized welt…resulting in three colleagues asking if I had a bruised myself.). After the debacle of getting ready for work, I figured I’d wear something that would banish the klutz and bring out the confidence. A black shirt dress and boots. And confident I felt,

until I slipped on the spilt wax on the floor of my classroom.

(from lighting prayer candles the day before) looking anything but confident…or ladylike for that matter and garnered a nice bruise on my knee to match the burn on my forehead.

Finally it was time to go home. Where all I wanted to do was wrap myself in bubble wrap and lie still…

very, very still.


the sun came calling.

Gently persuading me to join it outside for a visit.

So, I broke through the bubble wrap, put on my sneakers and cautiously made my way outside.

Then I tentatively tiptoed across the parking lot.

Then slowly made my way down the street

until I came to this

Then I put a skip in my step and made my way around the lake

stopping only to watch the geese and pet a passing pup.

Forgetting all about the abuse of the day.


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