The Difference a Day Makes

What a difference a day makes. Is this phrase a societal cliché? A lyric from an old song? Or maybe it’s a remnant from an old wives tale? Whatever the case it seems to manifest itself often throughout life. Ten cases in point:

1.In a day you can go from being in love to suffering a broken heart.

2.In a day you can move from the whimsy of the summer holiday to the seriousness of work.

3.In a day you can go from bland pale blue to exhilarating Wedgewood Grey.

4.You can be jolted from the complacency of routine to the anxiety of change.

5.You can loose your vehicle and sadly your trust in others in a motor vehicle accident.

6.You can mend fractured friendships.

7.You can loose respect for someone you admire.

8.You can find yourself halfway around the world.

9.You can loose the salt bloat caused by the consumption of a family sized bag of potato chips.

10.You can go from feeling insignificant and ineffectual to initiating incredible change, just by facing everything that comes your way with grace.

What change has come your way over the course of twenty-four hours?


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