The Little Things

A day filled with little things


• Waking up from a good nights sleep

• Putting on one outfit in the morning and have it be “the one”. And then coming home to a tidy bedroom with no clothing strewn on the bed, the floor, the chair…

• Homemade whole grain bread with cream cheese and a garden tomato for lunch

• Having to take my coat off during lunchtime outdoor supervision because of the sun’s warmth…two days after the day I had to wear my mittens on lunchtime supervision

. • Having a class of 31 (26 of whom are boys) 11th graders look and listen raptly while you explain the psychotic nature of Roger in “Lord of the Flies”.

• Having the time and energy to go for a walk in the sun after work especially when accompanied by a beloved niece.

• Having your mom bake you a Saskatoon berry pie…then finding vanilla ice cream in your freezer to accompany it, when you almost never buy vanilla ice cream.

• Finding your old, well-worn, soft, Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt in the staff room closet at school after years of thinking it was lost forever, then wearing it to bed smelling of fabric softener

make it wonderfully worthwhile waking up in the morning.

Hope your day was filled with little things.


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