Encore: When Looks Are Everything

“The robbed that smiles, steals something from the thief.” William Shakespeare -Othello

Sometimes looks are everything.

They can totally make

or break

a moment

and sometimes they can even make or break your day.

I was asked a question, the other day, in a tone that hinted of accusation and reproach by someone who really plays no important role in my life.  And I, trying to live my truth, answered honestly.  My response was met with a snide look down the nose and an arching of the brow.  An adult bully’s cowardly way of intimidation.  And I shouldn’t care.  I shouldn’t have let it bother me.  But I did.  And what I really wanted to do was smack this person upside the head.  But I didn’t.  And I let the look bother me for the rest of the day.


the look of dismissal.

I was enthusiastic about an experience I had and longed to share it with someone I thought would appreciate hearing all about it.  Ok, I admit it was the sharing of travel photos.  I know viewing another persons travel pics aren’t exactly at the top of everyone’s “favourite things to listen to” list, but my excitement was too much to contain and I needed an audience for a cathartic release.  My chosen victim/friend was someone who had always seemed patient and supportive in the past.  Barely getting five minutes into my sharing my friend’s eyes began to glaze over and she began looking over my shoulder and then checking her watch.  So I inwardly sighed with disappointment and gave the abridged version of my trip.  Her look totally burst the bubble of my exhilaration.  And I let her look squelch my moment.


There are also those looks that can brighten anyone’s reality in a matter of seconds.  A smile given freely for no apparent reason by a stranger passing you on the street.  The warm crinkling at the corner of a person’s eyes as they look at you when he says “hello” in the morning.   Or the full – attention -watch – you- intently  – with – genuine   – interest look of contentment and contemplation.

Given by some as naturally as breathing and is


and warm

and without obligation.

It is  given freely

and sometimes doesn’t just make my day, but sometimes mends the damage of looks from the past.


One thought on “Encore: When Looks Are Everything

  1. This is beautiful. Isn’t it strange how we can so be affected by the looks given or the off handed comment of someone we don’t know? And how, in reverse, a look of affection or caring can make us float for days. Very nice post.

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