Encore: A Close Call on the Battlefield

The space was dark and closely suffocating.

The fog made me disoriented, nauseous and dizzy I couldn’t tell when the ground rose or fell and therefore found it impossible to gage the depth of my step.

Stumbling, using the wall for support.

My ammo pack was heavy on my shoulders and back but I carried my gun gingerly, aimed and ready.

Suddenly, footsteps, heavy and quick. I backed myself into a dark corner…

and waited.

Sure enough a dark figure darts before me and without even thinking I fire my weapon. My shot is sure and precise.

War had hardened my nerves.

Firing had become instinctual.

It was shoot or be shot. But there was not time to wax philosophically, there were snipers hiding in every nook and cranny of the landscape. I had to keep moving.

Suddenly I see movement and I know I’ve been hit. I have to move on before another one can find me. I manage to fire and hit my enemy, getting in a few shots before I’m hit again and again. I’m not made for war. I find the battle exhausting. I am confused and disoriented. Then, just when I think it’s all over I hear a bell and the flashing of an orange light. I hear the pounding of footsteps…the soldiers are leaving the battle arena, but I’m too disoriented to find my way out.

“Help! How do I get out of here?”

“Miss Helm?”

“Jonathan? I can’t figure out where the door is.”

“Just follow my voice Miss Helm. Marco!”

“Polo.” And I walk to my left.

“Marco!” The voice is getting louder.

“Polo.” Salvation is closer at hand.

“Marco!” I just have to turn one more corner.

And there is Jonathan, standing at the door waiting for me to find him.

“Thanks Jon”

“No problem Miss Helm.”

War may be hell, but laser tag is filled with all sorts of little heroes.


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