Encore: For the Sake of the Children

I have to say good-bye today.

It is difficult but it has to be done. I admit it was reassuring seeing you

day after day

for the last ten years.

You were there to great me every morning. Steadfast and sure. Dependable. Idiot- proof.

But lately my taste has changed. I find you are stale and distasteful and, harsh but true,


Farewell old friend. No hard feelings You’ve served me well. I will take a few moments of silence to contemplate the satisfaction you’ve given before I send you on your way, down the garbage chute.

I’ve replaced my old black coffee maker with a sassy red little one-cup “brew in two minutes or less” model. Not only does it brew a great cup of coffee, or tea or hot chocolate for that matter, it’s also CUTE and blingy. Who would have thought a kitchen appliance could serve as home accessory! Its perkiness can’t help but make a person happy.

Especially one who has “morning issues.”

This wasn’t an easy purchase. I’ve been trying to convince myself that all my old brewer needs is a good cleanse. So, I’ve run a pot of vinegar and rinsed again and again with water. Nope. No change. And it’s been leaking slightly from the left bottom corner. I finally knew that, when last week my crazy-caffeine-addicted-drink-a-pot-at-not-blink, friend came over and didn’t finish even one cup that it was time to retire the old and go shopping.

My cheap black maker brewed a great cup in its day. I see it and I think of all the wonderful pots of coffee I’ve shared with friends and family. Making the shift from Nabob to Nescafe and finally Starbucks Breakfast Blend.

Yup, I admit caffeine ingestion is as important to me as breathing. More so actually when the lives of innocent students are at stake.

Especially first thing on a Monday morning. Yes, that’s it. I’ve purchased a new coffee maker for the sake of the children.

Off to play with it. Beverage anyone?


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