The Final Countdown

“This Text holdeth their noses so hard to the grindstone, that it clean disfigureth their faces.” John Frith’s A Mirror to Know Thyself 1532

I am a schoolteacher.

Summer is almost over and I cannot complain and gripe that my holiday was over.

It was the most wonderful of summers especially when it came to the gift of sunshine and the company of friends.

For a teacher, summers speed by faster than…

(hmm, I don’t think there is anything faster)

Personally it, takes me the first two weeks to recuperate from the mania of May and the frenzy of June. I usually sit in a stunned stupor on my sofa and watch all the television series I missed though out the year (Game of Thrones!!).

Then, in and around week three I think about calling friends, working on household projects and making a dent in my summer reading.

Weeks later, when it’s time to start heading back for the new year, I usually dig in my heels and throw a tantrum or two (in the privacy of my home of course), because I’m “just” beginning recuperate and feel rejuvenated. And, well, I’m just not emotionally and psychologically ready to return to roll call and routine.


this summer was a good one.

The weather was exceptional with a summer heat that was reminiscent of when I was a child and I’d come in from playing all day out in the sun

and feel sweaty and dusty and just a little bit sunburned.

One of the most wonderful feelings in the world is to come in after a hot sunny day of “playing” outdoors, take a cool bath, climb into a big cotton t-shirt and crawl into freshly laundered cotton sheets.

And the company. The visiting and laughing,

the coffee and wine.

Old elementary chums and high school pals.

Colleagues and cousins.

Blessings all ‘round.

It really is perfection to sit on a balcony for four hours consuming wine spritzers and solving all the problems of the world (funny how solutions seem easier to find well within the second bottle of Pinot Grigio).


I can’t complain as my summer holiday has come to its end. It was a wonderful break. A gift really.

A gift that makes me feel a wee bit more accepting of placing me schnoz against the grindstone again for another year.


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