To Reach Into the Cheetah Cage

Last night I dreamt I was in a faraway land.

Filled with exotic yet ferocious beasts.

And I missed my flight home.

And I was distraught that I had missed my flight because now it meant I’d have to fight cheetahs and jackals.

And the cheetahs and jackals came.

In numbers.

And jumped on me.

They tried to bite and tear but I stood my ground and breathed through my fear.

Reaching my hands towards each beast to gently scratching behind their ears.

And you know what? Eventually they stopped using their teeth and claws and began to lean into me for a cuddle. The cheetahs began to purr.

Once in a while my fear and panic would rise but I would breathe through it

and let go

and scratch and scruffle and pet the beasts.

And as I would calm, they would calm

until they would eventually walk away from me

but not before they brushed against me in gratitude and affection.

And the beasts turned out to be nothing to fear.

Now summer is almost over and this could be some random back to school dream, but it didn’t feel as such.


I’ve always had “issues” with anxiety and panic attacks. But I’m learning to control them by recognizing that

for the most part

blips and bumps,

disappointments and sadness can be overcome.

All you have to do is solidly stand and accept what comes your way by breathing through and  accepting the reality you can’t change

and gently manipulating the reality you can.

It’s all about perception.

It may seem life is sending us big ferocious feral beasts, but as it turns out, they are really big purring pussycats.


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