Catapulting the Calories

I have decided to throw all thoughts of “watching what I eat” out the window.

More than just throw,

I’ve catapulted all notions of limiting calories further than the eye can see.

At least for this week while I’m on holidays.

And you know what?   I’ve never been so content.

And no, alcohol is not playing center stage in this choice of mine.

It’s not as though I’m partaking in a gorge fest, (unless the purchase and consumption of snack mix the other day counts…yes I polished off the entire bag on my own thank you very much).


I’ve just decided to order whatever my little heart desires off the menu.

If my body is craving salt, salt it is (hello Phyllo Frizzy Prawns from the pub across the street). If it’s sugar I want than sugar is placed before me (can you say white chocolate covered vanilla ice cream with raspberry syrup hidden in the centre?)

For two days in a row I’ve eaten Crab Cakes Benny for breakfast, a breakfast that keeps me happy throughout the entire day.

Yesterday for supper? Home made humus with pita and a Greek salad SMOTHERED in fresh shrimp of course. Sumptuous seafood goodness. Today for lunch I took myself to a matinée and had popcorn (butter please).

The other day I moseyed to the hotel lounge and had a white wine along with deep-fried artichokes and garlic dip for a snack.

I couldn’t do this everyday. I can’t afford a whole new wardrobe. But I’ve learned that life is too short for working myself up into a frenzy of self-pity because I really, really want to eat something but I’m trying to watch my waistline.

What decadent summer holiday fare awaits me this evening you ask? Why Thai Seafood Curry of course, topped of with Bumble Berry Crumble.

At this rate,it is a good thing I only have two more days to keep up this epicurean pace.

white chocolate, vanilla ice cream, raspberry syrup filling. Serious yumminess!


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