When Life Throws you an Octagon

To the woman who wouldn’t stop,

I saw you go through not one, but two stop signs. And I wonder what was your rush? Why the need to break the law?

At first I was angry because you made me brake when you cut in front of me

instead of stopping like you were supposed to.

Did you notice the two teenagers strolling slowly, Slurpies in hand? I gathered you didn’t because you came close to running over their toes. How about the elderly gentleman out for his evening walk? Did you see him striding confidently until you plowed through the intersection with nothing and no one in mind except

your agenda

and you.

I wanted to pull you over and say “Stop and see”. Be aware what space you occupy and what damage you’re capable of causing. Do you charge through life like this not paying attention the world around you?

Stop and see the people around you.

Stop and see who stands behind you.

Stop and see what lies before you.

Pause and appreciate where you are, your placement in the world. What potential destruction,

or creation you are capable of…

And when you get to where you are going,

get out of your car and back into life,

make sure to stop and do the same.


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