How I Know I Haven’t Grown Up

1. I eat my ice cream before I eat my vegetables. Especially if it’s got caramel swirls…the ice cream that is not the vegetables.

2. I sit on the floor when I put on my sandals, even if I’m wearing a skirt.

3. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” is still one of the best series EVER!

4. Oreos are all about the icing. And I don’t feel guilty about tossing the brown cookie bits.

5. I get all itchy and pouty when I have lots of “home” work.

6. Really loud belches make me laugh…especially when I’m the one belching.

7. I own a genuine wand from “The Wizard World of Harry Potter” that I take out and play with…

especially when I have cleaning


or when someone with a really loud exhaust system drives by my window


8. Sometimes I’m tempted to put headlocks on my sisters.

9. Disney and Pixar over Oliver Stone and Quentin Tarantino.

10. I experienced genuine excitement when I found out “Glee” characters were going to appear in “Archie ” Comics.

How about you? What proves you still haven’t grown up?


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