Sweet Smudging

A little old couple sits across the table from one another.

The coffee shop is crowded and noisy: a frenetic storm of people frantic to purchase their morning caffeine.

But the two have created their own little oasis where

no newspaper,

no cell phone,

no other person seems to exist.

And quietly they sit.

Looking at their hands gently cradling their mugs or licking a finger and picking up the remaining crumbs of a cinnamon bun that has recently been eaten.

They are comfortable in their shared silence.

She is drinking coffee; he has splurged on a hot chocolate complete with whipped cream.


the little old man says something his wife looks up and into his eyes.

Furrowing her brow she notices how smudgy his eyeglasses are


delicately takes them off his face to clean them with the napkin that she had placed on her lap.

When she finishes she returns the glasses to the bridge of her husband’s nose …

and they are even more smudged from the icing from that morning’s cinnamon bun.

But he doesn’t seem to notice

and reaches across the table to cover her hand in his.


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