To Catch a Second Wind

My internal clock is all wackadoodlish.

I just spent a week overseas where there is an eight-hour time difference and now have come home to an 8:00pm bed time and a 4:30am “rise and shine”.

Not that this is my choice.


This is what my body is telling me to do and frankly I don’t seem to have the energy to argue.

But I have to admit to appreciating the two-hour “gift” of time this morning. I had time for two,

yes that’s TWO

cups of coffee,

and a hot breakfast of oatmeal. It sure beat the usual Starbucks and Bran Bar that has been my staple at the break of day.

It was a morning where I did not rush

but rather took the time to breathe

and pray

and focus on one task at a time.

I was at work by 7:00am and therefore didn’t have to beat away the mob at the photocopier.

I could get my head around the complexity of the day without hyperventilating.

And the peace of my morning carried though the rest of the day.

And because I wasn’t rushed

or pressured

or feeling pressed for time

I got my second wind.

Mental energy enough to put in a ten-hour day at work without cracking or snapping or bursting into tears.

Now I’m not about to set my alarm to ring at 4:30am any time soon.

No. That would just be mad.

But I’m thinking I’ll be waking up a wee bit earlier from now on if it means a day more likely filled with serenity.


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