Knickknackery and Notions

On my way home, in truth moving nothing more than the speed limit, I suddenly drive up quickly behind you.  A blindingly clean  and brilliant scarlet corvette complete with vanity plates.  And I’m confused  as to why such a cocksure sports car is travelling at such a slow rate.  So slow in fact, as to frustrate other drivers, making them impatiently swerve and dart around you.

I pass as you pull over and stop on left shoulder of the road intending to glare (always the extent of my road rage) as soon as I come parallel to your window.

And when I do, I notice a head of shocking white hair.  I’m taken aback that you’re an elderly man with aviator shades and a giddy smile on your face.

And beside you?

A woman with hair as white as your own.

Both of you smiling and talking,

faces animated with…

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