Ode to My Right Buttock

Sometimes it’s a good thing to accidentally stub your toe,

or sprain your thumb

or bruise your hip.

It’s good only because the dull ache of your minor injury can momentarily distract you from feeling sorry for yourself.

Sorry that it’s the first day back to work after a wonderfully restful holiday.

Sorry that your students were mostly catatonic at having to wake up four hours earlier than they had on their time away from school and they’re anything but productive.

Sorry that there is now a nice pile of marking to keep me busy for the evening when I would rather be reading my novel.

Sorry that it decided to rain “freezing rain” and I wasn’t careful enough navigating the salted sidewalk at home and slipped and fell on my right buttock.


now the dull ache in said buttock is pulling me away from my pity party

reminding me that I am alive

and that my life is dynamic.

And that feeling sorry for myself is really nothing but a waste of time.


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