Sci-Fi and Molding Clay

It’s the first day of a brand new year.

A single day top full of an entire year of possibilities and promise.

It is a day where we awaken from a night of celebration and reflect upon where we have been.

Where we have failed and where we can grow.

Or do we? Are we a reflective people?

Or do we bulldoze through each day responding to the stimuli that acts upon us rather than think about how we can affect our surrounding?

It’s so easy to sit for a year like a lump waiting to get molded instead of taking the clay into our own hands.

It’s safer.

It’s easier.

It’s familiar.

But when it is the end of the year and we see that life hasn’t changed a whole lot and, instead of being relieved we disappointed because we haven’t accomplished as much as we thought we would

and the year didn’t turn out the way we expected it to.

Sure, we may have travelled great distances or cashed a year’s worth of paychecks


we are the same emotionally and intellectually we were this time last year.

We didn’t turn out as expected.

We need to kick start our curiosity by doing something different. Reading something we wouldn’t normally read (I’m going to give sci fi another chance…suggestions please) or learn something that takes us out of our comfort zone (zumba here I come).

And emotionally…. (gulp) we could try to listen; not only to others, but also to the tone we take. Sometimes tone IS everything and we don’t even realize it.

Two small intentions that

may smoosh that clay into someone of note

next year this time.


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