Repost: Christmas Wishes

I wasn’t going to write about Christmas because I didn’t think I had enough time to create a profoundly thoughtful, endearing-ly festive entry. Then throughout the day as I was finishing up shopping, getting beaten at the chiropractor, and washing the vehicle, the following popped into my head. Here are my wishes for all of you:

1. That this holiday you get to spend time with someone you WANT to spend time with.

2. That any hangovers you suffer are not predominantly alcohol or food induced but rather the result of an evening of deep belly laughs and late night conversations.

3. That you have more time. Time to do things that define who you are.

4. That you find contentment in the most unlikely of places. In front of your computer entering numbers on a spread sheet, or lying in a snow bank staring up at the stars for example.

5. That you find enlightenment in the words of someone you least expect. A child, the person you work next to, the annoyingly perky lady behind the Starbucks counter.

6. That you get lost at least once but not in such a way that cause anxiety, but rather forces you to view the world from a different perspective.

7. That you get over “it” whatever “it” may be.

8. That you have more deep, GOOD sleeps than restless nights.

9. That you know what you want more often than you know what you don’t want.

10. A good pair of shoes. Because, honestly, if you’ve got the shoes, the rest is a piece of cake.

Have a safe and restful Christmas and the happiest of New Years!


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