Couch Potato Viewing Fare

Christmas holidays have begun and I have decided to start my vacation with a pajama day complete with crackers and cheese and Mandarin oranges!

Every person has “the old standbys” when it comes to comfort food. The same thing holds true for movies and television shows.

This is the selection that filled my first day of holidays:

1. Season two of “Mad Men”. The best season out of all of them so far…or so I think.

2. “Sherlock Holmes” and not just because I have a crush on Robert Downey Jr. Okay, partly because I have a crush on Robert Downey Jr. but my intent really was preparation for the second Sherlock Holmes movie that has arrived in the theatres.

3. “The Help”. I have a feeling this one will become standard “Christmas Movie” fare.

4.  Disc three of season three of “The Big Bang Theory”. Light, a guaranteed laugh, always entertaining.

5. “Inception”. I always find something “new” each time I watch. Did you know the music the characters “fall asleep” to is the same music in their “dream” on slowed down? Tis true!

And I must say, even though I was the quintessential couch potato, I only once felt a twinge of guilt for frittering away the day and that was when I allowed my eyes to wander towards the pile of school work I had brought home with me.

But I quickly solved the problem by hiding the pile in my entry closet where I keep my boots.

What are your “go to” films for a well deserved pajama day? Please share!


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