Trainspotting 102

Last winter the news ran a story of a man who, for convenience sake, hopped a slow-moving train believing he was getting a free ride home.

Unfortunately he soon found the train gaining speed therefore making it impossible for him to jump off.

Unfortunately it was also -24C outside.

Fortunately he had his cell phone with him. With the help of the RCMP and CN officials the train he was on was traced and he was found and rescued within the hour but not without suffering from a severe case of hyperthermia.

What I find noteworthy about this story is that it is only a few days later and this man is publicly acknowledging his foolishness and seems genuinely appreciative to those individuals who took the time and effort to save him. He is also admitting to this being a life changing experience and is planning on turning his life around.

That’s good. Lesson learned. Never hop on a moving train especially in sub-zero weather. Not only because it can be harmful to your own well-being, but also because it’s a damn nuisance and cost to a lot of other people.

Now most of us have hopped on a “train” or two of our own over the course our lives, stupid mistakes that take an emotional and sometimes a financial toll not only on ourselves but on those who love us as well. We usually chalk it up to experience and are humbled by the wisdom gained.


what I don’t understand are those people who don’t learn and who consistently get on those “trains”. I think some get on because they crave the attention and the “need” to get rescued. They either consciously or unconsciously create drama in their lives OR perceive everything life throws at them as a “drama”. I also think that some people hop on those trains knowing they are emotionally/physically/financially inconveniencing others but do so anyway because they want what they want when they want it. An attitude of “who cares what ripples it creates”.

But some of us take longer than others to learn. When we don’t understand why our life seem to be more complicated or more difficult than it is for others, all we have to do is realize is that …

…sometimes it’s as simple as staying away from train yards.

I believe the true heroes in the world aren’t just the ones who do the rescuing but also the ones who learn from their mistakes. They see the “train” for what it is and make a choice that not only is beneficial for themselves, but a choice that can also be perceived as being wisdom from which others can learn.

“I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.” Abraham Lincoln.


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