Scratching Beneath the Surface

A while back, a loooong while back actually, I got an email (or maybe it was a tweet. A note on facebook???) that asked you to list twenty five seemingly random things about yourself. And being a fan of “random” but not necessarily a fan of voluntary self-reflection, I acquiesced. Here is what I came up with having altered a few that have morphed somewhat over the year:

1. I have 25 books on my bookshelf, err I mean in my kitchen cupboards, I haven’t read yet…and last week I bought 5 more. 9/10 I leave Chapters/Coles with a new one. I wish I could say “they followed me home”.

2. One of my favorite things to do Sat. morn is drink a good cup of coffee and read the Saturday Globe and Mail. Most often I have to read it online but if I have a choice hard copy always wins out…inky fingertips and all.

3. I didn’t truly understand the fact that genuine love is NOT quantitative until my second niece was born.

4. I once broke up with a boyfriend because his outgoing message on his answering machine was profoundly stupid.

5. Now that my parents are in their 70’s I find myself frantic to spend time with them and feel as though I’m running out of time.

6. More times than not, luck has me sitting by a REALLY handsome man on a long haul flight. : )

7. I can belch like a trucker but suffer performance anxiety when I enter belching contests…even after consuming copious amounts of Root Beer.

8. Even though I wear a lot of black and grey, my absolute favorite color is periwinkle blue.

9. I’ve never had a strong inclination to procreate.

10. One of my proudest accomplishments is being able to plow straight furrows with Dad’s BIG tractor.

11. I’m a cat person.

12. I’ve had a crush on Lenny Kravitz since as long as I can remember.

13. Sometimes I eat potato chips and drink beer while reading Fitness magazine because the juxtaposition amuses me.

14. I have friends that will hide me from the law, no questions asked. That is if I ever need to hide from the law : )

15. The only time I’m REALLY mean is if I see someone bullying someone else. Unfortunately I see more adults bully than young people…and I teach at a high school.

16. Salt over sugar.

17. I’m inclined to smoke cigars if I have more than 2 drinks.

18. I love Masterpiece theater. PBS ROCKS!

19. I draw and paint. Not well, as the still life of daisies in the blue vase on the easel in my living room suggests.

20. I cheat at golf.

21. When I visited Buckingham Palace and was walking down the staircase into the grand dining room I had a STRONG sense of deja vu. I KNEW I WAS A PRINCESS!

22. Thai food. There’s nothing else to say.

23. I’m a really good cook…but I dust my oven out more often than turn it on.

24. I want to get a degree in Art History when the finances permit.

25. I want to read Dante’s Inferno in Italian before I die.

What are some random things about you? Characteristics or quirks most of the people in your life have no idea exists beneath the surface of the image you portray?


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