My time in TO

Now I don’t often enjoy long periods of time sitting by myself alone in an airport
far, far from home…
Alright, I DO enjoy spending time alone in airports
because I like to people watch. I especially like to watch people in transit. Most people look relaxed or at least amusingly engaged in life.
So as I sit here in a lounge at the airport in Toronto I am entertained by a plethora of humans.
First of all, maybe it was because I was famished, having to get up at the crack of dawn I only had the crumbs at the bottom of the cereal box and questionably fresh milk to sustain me until I could get my hands on some Nuts and Bolts on the plane, but the jumbo shrimp cocktail and the club soda and lime juice I just consumed was, in fact, simply divine
and now I’m not nearly so grumpy.
So while I peck away at my iPad and nurse whats left of my club soda I can take in the specifics of my surroundings.
The party of five to my left sound like they’ve just returned from a wedding. One of the men (who has unfortunately taken his shoes off at the table) is complaining about the “organizer” of the event who seems to have been a tad anal retentive when it came to transporting said wedding guests to and from the event. One of his companions is more concerned with “the woman with no ass speak of” to offer an opinion regarding strict scheduling.
There is a younger fellow sitting at the bar who seems to be a regular. The bartender seems to know him and seems to be short of patience though and asking point blank “why he’s back again so soon?” I can’t make out the man’s response but he seems perfectly content drinking what looks to be his third scotch.
The woman sitting alone to my left is talking cordially to the person on the other end of the phone. She too has ordered the shrimp cocktail. Must be a popular item with the ladies because the man on my right has ordered the nacho supreme platter.
Airports offer a realy good excuse to people watch and listen in on conversations that are just beyond your personal bubble. And it makes me wonder
what exactly would someone write about me?


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