The Inspiring Purple Lunch Bag

Today I bought myself a “back to school” item.

A lunchbox. Not like my wonderful orange lunchbox with the picture of the mare and colt on the front (complete with metal fasteners and matching thermos) I had as a kid. No.  This one is more grownup

but whimsically purple nonetheless.

Why am I sharing this with you all? Because it’s integral to the success of one of my back to school resolutions…

to bring a nice and nutritious lunch as often as I can (I’m shooting for three out of the five work days). And I’m thinking the purple lunch bag will inspire me to do so. Lunch isn’t top of my priority list. I usually buy a “salad in a bag”, a couple can’s of veggie chili (which still sit in the top most staffroom cupboard), and a box of crackers and keep them stored in the staffroom refrigerator. Most often I’m not all that thrilled to consume the fare that I’ve chosen so I visit the cafeteria and buy a ready-made sandwich or


But I digress.

When I was in elementary school my mom always made sure we had good lunches. Predictable, but scrumptious nonetheless. Always a sandwich made from the meat from that night’s supper, a fruit (my favourite was the seasonal mandarin orange), a bag of veggies, and a desert.  I could never wait until lunch,I always had my desert eaten as soon as I climbed on the bus that morning

…unless it was a Wagon Wheel or a date cookie. Then I could wait.

The one and only time my mom deviated from the standard sandwich and packed chicken noodle soup in my thermos the thermos actually exploded and I was left with metal shards in my soup. I’ve been leery of the thermos ever since.

In Jr. and Sr. high the lunches were there as well, only now my sisters and I made our own. And we’d usually run with tradition because school had no microwaves to heat up leftovers . My friends and I were very excited when the local sub store set up shop at school and started taking submarine orders. The Italian subs were legendary.

So I was raised knowing that lunch was an important meal but somewhere along the line I’ve slipped into indifference when it comes to mid day nutrition. I’ve noticed I’m a much happier camper when I know there is a good lunch waiting for me. Maybe I’ll start with the traditional lunch combination first set by my by my mother just to make packing a lunch every morning ingrained as part of my routine, then I may branch out into more exotic fare like pizza or quesadillas.

I’ll let you know how it goes.  If history is a teller of success this should last a least a month.


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