Decadence and Distractions #41

Giving you everything from zombies to tea cups this week!

1. Ok so I am admittingly a Shakespeare and Dickens geek.  And if you were to rifle through my collection of DVDs you’ll find it heavy on Masterpiece Theatre fare BUT…

the last year, dare I say it, I’ve been, I’ve been….

intrigued with zombies!!  So I’ve gone out and bought season one of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”.  AND IT’S FABULOUS.  If you succumb, start watching it early one morning on the weekend, preferably in your PJs, and be prepared to sit in front of your television all day.

2.  I am VERY exited about this next book.  The New York Times ran an interview with Arthur Phillips who has written a book entitled “The Tragedy of Arthur”.  It’s fictional account of finding a newly discovered play by Shakespeare.  I can’t wait for Amazon to deliver.

3.  My Modern Met has examples of artwork from Sergey Ryzhov in a series called “Surreal Adventures“.  Absolutely breathtaking.  Here is my favourite:

4.  If you’re obsessed with books and publishing and writing check out the Website Galleycat.  This week they have a wonderful list of books for mother’s day.

5.  The Blog “Beautiful Clutter”  is absloutely charming with its entries on teacups and fridge magnets and book jackets and other such “clutter” that doesn’t seem so much clutter as smatterings of prettiness.

Have a wonderful week everyone!


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