BLAH…and That’s All Folks

Today was a day.

After not sleeping the night (apparently I have an aversion to sleeping Sunday nights as this is the fourth one in a row) I determined that I was deserving of a five-dollar latte.

And a homemade cheese biscuit.

The usual carrot I dangle in front of myself in order to get out of bed.  And the barista at my favourite coffee shop was in fine form ,so early in the morning, making sure the milk foam heart was just perfect.

And off I went to work where I successfully negotiated my school bag, my beast of a purse, the grocery bags with staff meeting treats, my lunch and the latte

safely from my vehicle, across the dark parking lot and into the school.

And just when I thought I was free to organize my plethora of belongings my coveted coffee tips and spills all over the staffroom table soaking three chairs.

A sign that I should have just packed it all up right then and went back home.  Good thing I had consumed an adequate amount of caffeine that morning or else there would have the gnashing of teeth, and the rolling of heads.

And it wasn’t even 7:30am.

And the day didn’t get any better.  Mind you, it didn’t get any worse either.  But seeing how the morning started off with such a messy start I didn’t hold any outlandish expectations for the rest of the day.

It’s safer this way.

But I did seem to slip into a resigned indifference just to keep me going.  Looking, I’m certain, that I was stewing about something.

But I wasn’t, at least about nothing in particular really …

except for the fact that everyone who had something to say didn’t really seem to have anything worth saying at all.

And the clouds themselves couldn’t decide to between fluffy white or ominous black, so they just stalled at an unenthusiastic grey until they decided to spew forth rain.

So there was nothing to do really except to carefully coast through the day until it was time to return home and once here to keep myself within the confines of my cheery light blue walls and nest of pillows where the “blah” of the day holds no power.

And here to end my day not with any sort of spillage of a messy wasted sort, but to share with you all nothing really in particular, but have you keep me company for a few minutes through your visit to my words.  : )


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