Decadence and Distractions #40

Yay!  A milestone!  My 40th D&D.  Enjoy this week’s goodies!

1.  The artwork of Tiago Hoisel.  Funny, some are creepy, all of them are interesting to look at.

2.  All of the architectural designs of Keystone Projects Ltd. out of British Columbia.  Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

3.  The book “A Visit from the Goon Squad”  by Jennifer Egan.  Both the New York Times and the Guardian have had book review podcast on this novel.  Now I’m intrigued.  It’s the characters that have me more intrigued than the plot.  But I’ll let you decide for yourself how interesting it sounds.

4.  This rug from Anthropologie is absolutely divine and I want it desperately for my living room.

Have a happy Easter everyone!


2 thoughts on “Decadence and Distractions #40

  1. Hey Lisa. I love your choices here. I checked out the artist Tiago Hoisel and think he’s amazing. My brother does similar artwork and I love this style! It’s hard to pick a favorite but I’d have to go with the baby. Too bad he describes the art in spanish but his art transcends spoken language anyway. Of course, I’m an Anthropologie fan as well!

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