Weather and Intestinal Issues

It’s interesting how topics of conversation change with each phase of life a person passes through.  What I find particularly amusing is that lately persons of my age group seem preoccupied with weather and intestinal issues.  And it’s more than just a few of us who share and exchange our experiences, anecdotes and opinions about these two issues.

It wasn’t always this way.

As children conversation was centered on play with imaginary conversations well in keeping with the role we were playing.  Most were echoes of what we heard our mothers say especially when we ourselves were playing “mother” cradling and feeding our dollies.   Or we emulated conversations we heard on television and movies when it came orchestrating exchanges between Ken and Barbie.

In junior high it was all about boys.  Who asked whom to the jr. high dance (meaning he met you the gymnasium door, paid for your admittance, sat with you at breaks bringing you Orange Crush and plain potato chips.  Oh, and in return you were obliged to dance every slow dance with him).

Junior High also meant extended discussions on whatever Star Wars film had just been released that summer.

I don’t know when the daily forecast and bloat became scintillating topics.  Certainly not when I was at university when politics and religion and brainstorming for ways to save money on groceries in order to pay for beer were the focus of social interchange.  And they definitely weren’t anywhere near potential issues of conversation during those early years in the work force when mortgages, tax breaks and babies were at the forefront.

I guess our interests and preoccupations shift depending on the number of years we accumulate.

At this rate it’ll be the frequency of bowel movements and how much things “used to cost” in no time.


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