The PSI of 18

Sometimes it difficult to be helpful and kind.

When patience is drawn as tight as a rubber band stretched to its limit

about to be snapped

blistering the skin.

And the times that are busiest are when everyone around you wants attention.  Fatigue and preoccupation and a list of “to dos” longer than the Great Wall of China make little acts of kindness and perpetual smiles


But you persevere if only because of your fear of  karma –

and there is a good possibility that your grumpiness will come back tenfold and knock you on your ass.

And you know what?  To persevere turns out to be worth it.  You leave work at the end of a long day and notice a nail in your tire, a tire with just enough air to make it to garage.  Saddened (ok gargantuanly pissed off) that this means you’re going to have to miss “refreshments” with your good friends….

and it really has been a long day and libations are in order if only because you’ve made it through Wednesday without acquiring any casualties.

And there is a two-hour wait for your tire to be repaired.


your friend comes and picks you up and takes you to meet the rest of the brood where you laugh

and talk

and forget about the “nails” you’ve encountered this day.

Then another friend drives you back to the garage where a polite and eager young man (a young man you realized you’ve taught in the past) has fixed your tire and has told you that it is “free of charge”.

And you end your day with a smile meant only for yourself.


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