Decadence and Distractions #36

A leaning towards the “visual” today:

1. The painting hanging above the leather sofa in this picture I found on “automatism“. I love the colours and the cows and the green balloons. The artist’s name is Tove Mauritzson.

2. The Bracelet Bag from Tiffany & Co in Tiffany blue. I LOVE this. I have nothing to wear with it and I haven’t had occasion to carry a little dinner clutch since I went on a cruise a hundred years ago. Isn’t it quintessentially pretty? I think of Grace Kelly when I see it.

3. The blog “lll Seen lll Said” has a section called “Three of a Kind” where they match up three articles, they could be clothing, books, home decor, accessories etc. Everything on it looks clean and classic and sophisticated. “Ill Seen Ill Said” has become my new favourite blog site.

4. The iPad application from MoMA. I can view all the Abstract Expressionist artists (such as Jackson Pollock) their work, , the movements history an interactive NY map and watch videos! Download free off of iTunes.

5. One of my favourite blog sites “The Swelle Life” Mentions a book called “Christian Lacroix and the Tale of Sleeping Beauty”. Now, it’s not so much the story I’m interested in but the drawings are certainly mesmerizing ana all drawn by Christian Lacroix himself. You can find it on Amazon.

It’s spring break for me! I’m loving the fact I can take my time writing this in my flannel pajamas, sipping a coffee touched with a dash of Bailey’s. *sigh*. Have a wonderful day everyone!


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