Five Teeny Trivial Wishes

There are some things that are difficult if not impossible to find in a small Northern Alberta town.  They are not big, profoundly earth shattering things, but little indulgences that could make a girl happy…even on a snowy, wind-blown supposedly spring day.

These are mine:

1.  Blasted Church Cabernet Sauvignon.  Seriously my favourite wine and nowhere to be found within a 387 km radius.  This makes me sad.  And unless I go on a road trip I’m not about to partake in any Blasted Church libations anytime soon.

2.  Stationary.  You know, pretty paper upon which you write with ink.  Do you think I can find actual stationary ANYWHERE in this town?  I finally found some bland paper with matching envelopes in the mall.  Good thing I still have some egg shell blue stationary left from my visit to a specialty paper goods store in Calgary years ago.  When I was a kid I had cute pink plaid stationary that possessed a strawberry border.  It also smelled like strawberries.  Since when did letter writing stationary become obsolete?

3.  Manchego cheese.  I first discovered this cheese when I was in Basque country.  Made from pasteurized sheep’s milk it’s absolutely wonderful paired with grapes and wine (like the Cab Sav mentioned in #1).  Then, a couple of years ago I could find it at random grocery stores here in town but for the last six months or so it’s been absent from the refrigerator shelves.

4.  A current print of the “Globe and Mail”.  I know I can read this newspaper online but sometimes it’s nice to feel the newsprint in your hand and hear the turning of the page.  I like leaning my elbows on the table and peer over the entire two pages.

5.  Any missed PBS show I happened to miss when it aired on television.  The new Sherlock Holmes and any Masterpiece theatre production.  U.S. citizens have no problem accessing these shows online but those of us living above the 49th parallel are poop out of luck.

This is it.  It’s a short and simple list.  What is on your list of little wishes that are difficult to get just because of the space you inhabit?  Send a comment and let me know!


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