Diggin’ the Dragons

So I’ve become addicted to “The Dragon’s Den”.

As somebody who literally, I mean LITERALLY experiences a brain freeze whenever numbers are involved you’d think I’d be more partial in my programming fare.  But, I just spent most of the day watching every episode of the season.  For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about “The Dragon’s Den” is a show on CBC where five Canadian entrepreneurs sit while a stream of inventors, and small business people strut their “wares” so to speak in the hope that one of the “Dragons” will invest in their business.  It can be pretty brutal to watch as quite often you witness the squishing of dreams.

Like big bug splats on a windshield of a moving car.

Besides crushing on Robert Herjavec, who purposely wears blue suit jackets to enhance the blueness of his eyes, I’m definitely intrigued by the people who often courageously, sometimes stupidly, splay their hopes and dreams on a metaphorical examination table ripe for evisceration.

And in front of a national television audience.

I admire their courage.  I admire the fact they have THAT much confidence in a dream, in the manifestation of their creative thought.


It makes me wish I knew more about business and finance.

No, I lied.  It makes me wish I CARED more about business and finance because it seems like it could be a very interesting dimension in my little universe.

If only it didn’t include numbers.


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