To Pam and Rick

I had a lovely surprise today.

It was a long day, as Thursdays often are.  The tail end of the week with one more day to go.

And usually with barely enough energy in the reservoir to get you through to the end because you miscalculated how much energy Tuesday and Wednesday would take.

And you’ve spent every “spare” minute on tasks and errands which really means you had

no minutes to spare.

You have nothing to eat at home, no food in the fridge because, well, because it’s Thursday and as I’ve said before you’ve miscalculated not only time but provisions as well.  And except for the emergency cereal in the box at the back of the pantry you’ve nothing to satiate yourself.

And on the way home you decide to visit a friend that’s been away for the last month.

A quick cup of coffee or a glass of wine after work.

But there is something better in store!  “You should stay for supper,” she says.  And her husband agrees.  And you’re given a home cooked, stick to your ribs, the epitome of comfort food, shrimp and home-made pasta dish ever created on the planet.

And that’s an understatement.

And the conversation and the laughter and the wine combine to make an evening special enough to see you through the rest of the week.

That and the wonderful leftovers packed lovingly for you to take home.


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