Musings Upon Cate the Great

A great wind blowing, and that gives you either imagination or a headache.”

Catherine the Great

It must have been windy quite often when Catherine the Great ruled Russia.  I’d like to think she lay awake many a night thinking of ways to reform her country.

Creative ways to initiate change.

Enlightening more than just herself.

There is a great wind blowing in my neck of the woods.  Literally.

It rumbles like a great freight train from across the prairie gaining force before it shakes my windows.

Most often it gives me a headache because it keeps me up at night.  Swirling around the building tapping and knocking reminding me it’s in the neighborhood.   But, sleeplessness aside, others besides Catherine, say that strong winds can cause migraines,

unseen fingers torturing instead of soothing.

An unseen entity that haunts by touch and sound, eluding my sight.

But what if I let it feed my imagination.  Become part of my dreams seen behind shut eyes.  Feeding images and poetry and stories to the blank screen in my mind.

If I let it.

If I allow it to be and roam as it will.  Instead of annoying me with its incessant reminder that it exists.

To imagine that it brings with it ideas from another land, or another time arriving where I live only having lived a life of it’s own.

What will the wind bring you tonight?

It’s arrived,

not only bringing snow but other possibilities as well.


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