Decadence and Distractions #31

This weeks treasures!

1.   The book of short stories “Mennonites Don’t Dance” .  I was perusing the Globe and Mail’s Book section and found this review from Jim Bartley.  Each story seems to possess a heart breaking quality.  I don’t often migrate towards purchasing books of short stories but I’m thinking this one will definitely make its way to my book shelf.  I always love finding a new Canadian author to love.

2.  The website “The Swelle Life” has the prettiest images from Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti.  Feminine, flattering and a wonderful reflection of a spring that seems incredibly elusive this -35C February morning.  Here are my favourites from the photo collection:

3. The Avery Business Card from Romeo and Jules Bespoke Stationery.  If I felt important enough to carry business cards around, if I had the need to possess business cards and hand them out in an attempt to network I’d want them to look like these.  Aren’t they classic?  Actually I love everything at Romeo and Jules.


4.  The magazine “The Walrus“.  Canadian.  Well written.  This months articles include “The Perils of Living A Longer LIfe”, “William Shatner’s weird Celebrity” and “Stalking Stieg Larsson”.  I’ve mentioned their website before but I really want to tout the professionalism and high quality writing and publishing of the magazine itself.  You can find it at any drugstore or bookstore near you.

Have a great week everyone!


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