Things That Make you Go Grump

Ever come home after a long day at work feeling as though the day was a crappy one?  Not because of one particular BAD event happening but a combination of a bunch of little things that have just sort of ruffled your feathers and furrowed your brow?  Here are the things that made me “go grump” today:

Cleaning my coffee maker with vinegar, running  hundreds of pots of water through it and STILL having my cream curdle.  And being too tired to notice until drinking half a mug.

Rain.  In the winter.  In Northern Alberta.

A paper cut first thing in the morning.


Having someone use “per se” fourteen times in a four minute conversation.

Putting my bag of Yoghurt Gummies in the freezer to stop myself from eating the whole bag… then coming home after a grumpy day and finding my bag of Yoghurt Gummies in the freezer.

How adult diaper commercials “try” to be dignified.

Eating a healthy lunch consisting mostly of vegetables…which probably contributed to the bloat

Looking at my list I realize that most of these are pretty petty.  I’m thinking that sometimes it’s a good thing to write down all the annoying “happenings’ of your day to see how truly insignificant they are.

Seems as though my day was a pretty good one after all.

Except for the Yoghurt Gummy incident.


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