To Miss Sarah Berry

Yesterday Sarah created a memory.

It’s tradition on the last day of high school for the day to look as much as a day with a “family” as possible. We start the day with cleaning lockers then we all go to church for mass.  Back to school or “home” again to partake in a turkey dinner, complete with stuffing and mashed potatoes smothered in gravy.  After dinner we have air bands where any child who ever wished in his wildest dreams to perform onstage to the screaming masses gets to be the center of attention for two or three minutes while the crowd wildly applauds in support.

One of these “air bands” consisted of you, teacher of Mathematics, all five foot nothing, maybe 90 pounds soaking wet complete with support “boot” for a sprained (fractured?) ankle.

Anyway,  I heard that in the teensiest amount of time you gathered together a class of 20 some odd adolescents and choreographed your enchanting routine to Feist 1234.

There you were, little but mighty Sarah with your big heart surrounded by all these teenagers in colourful pinnies,

blue and orange and yellow and green


and dancing

around you.

You were like a delightful Pied Piper engaging the children in something good and fun and cooperative.

You created a wonderful Christmas school memory for your students.  What a wonderful gift is that!

Miss Sarah, I wish to have a smidge of your childlike exuberance.  Your quickness for fun and laughter and your graceful goofiness.

Hugs to you for making my day.


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