Ghoulies and Ghosties and Long Leggedy Beasties

From ghoulies and ghosties

And long-leggedy beasties

And things that go bump in the night,

Good Lord, deliver us!

Scottish Saying

Soon it will be Halloween.  I’ve never really participated with much enthusiasm when it came to fully reveling in this holiday.  I grew up on a farm a fifteen minute drive from town.  Trick or treating was limited to a few scattered farmhouses in the neighborhood so the haul of sweeties was never a big one.

The BEST costume I had was when I was in kindergarten.  My mom made me a witch outfit.  I loved it.  It consisted of an old black skit, my mom’s black turtleneck with the sleeves rolled up, a crepe paper cape and a cardboard  hat.  When I wore it, I oozed Halloween-ness … although all pictures of that time show me with a red chapped nose and white tissues poking from my sleeves.

Another year I was an elf in a borrowed costume from a friend of my mother’s. The school Halloween party was in the school gym and I figured I was the ringer for the “apple bob” competition but whenever I bobbed for apples my little green hat would fall off and land in the communal tin tub water (and NOW I say EWWW!).  It was very frustrating.  And to add to my discomfort my leotards were too large for me and kept pooling at my ankles causing me to continually hike them up in a VERY unladylike manner.

Not long after I decided to be a sheriff ghost.  Not a ghost of a sheriff, but a sheriff ghost.  There is a difference I’ll have you know.  I was very ingenious when it came to the construction of this costume.  I carefully  I cut two dime sized holes in a bed sheet, made a sheriff star out of tinfoil and engraved “Sherriff Ghost” on it incase anyone got confused, then proudly put a cowboy hat on my head.  And seeing how ghosts are already dead, there was no need for protection so packing a gun was unnecessary.

The year I went as a Ukrainian baba was my last year of trick or treating.  I think I was only ten years old and already beginning to tire of the production of it all.  I attempted to look like an old bosomy woman with a blue and white polka-dotted dress complete with ceramic cherry broach,  a paisley kerchief on my head and tied at my chin, pillows stuffed in strategic places,  and misapplied red lipstick.  I thought I was fabulous…but I was upstaged by my cute little sister who went as a something cute like Holly Hobby or a princess or something I can’t remember but still feel somewhat resentful about.

This year I contemplated creating a costume where I would be  “the Queen of the Universe” complete with solar systems and black holes swirling around me and a glittering tiara on my head.  But , alas, the planets wouldn’t align and I didn’t have time, or the energy…ok AND the motivation to do its creation justice.

Sometimes I wish I could get more wrapped up in the festivities of Halloween.  The thought of donning a new persona if only for an evening is a tempting one.   There are so many I’d like to try on for size…the Queen of Hearts, Marilyn Monroe, Static Cling…the choice seems to be more difficult to make than the costume itself.  Maybe I should start strategizing my costume for next year now, that should give me plenty of time to make it spectacular!

Or maybe I can just enjoy the trick-or-treat sized candy bars available and watch a good horror flick on television to satisfy my Halloween craving.

What are you being for Halloween?  What’s been the BEST costume you’ve ever had?


2 thoughts on “Ghoulies and Ghosties and Long Leggedy Beasties

  1. We have three witches struggling to get to sleep tonight – such is the anticipation of tomorrow night. Their costumes are ready, they are more than ready, and their enthusiasm is rubbing off on the adults 🙂

    I feel sorry for the children of friends who are involved in various churches, who are not letting their children do anything for Halloween at all…

    • There have been children’s Halloween church parties around here for years where kids are can come as saints or disciples or characters from the bible and not something supposedly scary or demonic. I wonder what the adults would say if some little one came in a St. Lucy costume complete with eyeballs in a goblet, or one of the demons Jesus exorcised …some of the most frightening personas can come from organized religion. Hope your daughters have a great Halloween , and that you get some sleep!

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