Repost: You Can Dress Me Up But you Cant Take Me Out

I have the tendency to fall.


I don’t think it’s because I’m exceptionally clumsy.  I just get preoccupied.  And sometimes I find it difficult to multitask.  Walking and talking can be difficult.  Walking, talking and sightseeing can be even more difficult.

Interestingly enough I fall most often in foreign countries.  I’ve had epic falls.  One time I fell in Rome.  I was with a group of students, carrying a backpack of mammoth proportions when I just,


fell.  Took a nice gouge out of my left knee.  Our lovely gentlemanly tour guide had brought his teenage son with us that day.  Both were very concerned about my injury.  The attention of a handsome Italian man did help alleviate my humiliation.  His big brown eyes framed by thick lashes looking at me with deep concern and sympathy.


Another example of an epic fall in a foreign country occurred, in Japan.  I’m walking and gawking and

down I go

in the middle of an intersection.

This time, however, it wasn’t purely my fault.  A fleet of European tourists on bicycles cut in front of me and threw me off balance.  Falling on my left knee again and ripping a hole in my jeans.  Which meant that I had to go to the Gap and buy a new pair.

My experience buying blue jeans in Tokyo was not a pleasant one.  I went to the rack and sorted through the sizes. Size 0, size 0 size 2, size 2, size 2, size 4, size 6, size 6….

size 8!!

One size 8 in all the Gap.  In stock for the rare “chubby” Japanese girl.


Picture it. The south of France.  A beautiful bed and breakfast outside the town of Carcassonne.  I climb the staircase to the room to deposit my suitcase.  Deliver the suitcase successfully.  Close the door to the room to descend the stairs when I notice these amazing photographs framed on the wall.  All sepia nostalgic oozing in Provencal charm when…

…down the staircase I plummet.


Thankfully there was a small landing after five or six steps before the stairs turned toward a set of ten.

Now my left knee has weird ganglion-ish scar tissue.  Not a pretty sight., but little souvenirs of past trips (and past “trips”) taken.

If since learned that if I’m traveling alone to STOP first. Then look.  This way I can really be aware of what is around me.  Appreciate what is new.  Smell and hear and see and touch without having to concentrate on walking. Or if I’m not alone in a new environs to take the arm of my traveling companion. Then, I can safely take in the sights without doing undo harm to myself.

Like life.

When your world gets chaotic, stop and look and get a clear visual of your immediate situation.  Appreciate and evaluate then cautiously propel yourself forward.


when life gets unfamiliar to take the arm of someone you trust.  Heart breaks.  Injuries. Failures.  New jobs.  New loves.  New schools.

The journey will then be far more successful.


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