Repost: Homage to a Burnt out Lightbulb

I needed an excuse today.

An excuse not to work.

But I couldn’t find one so I went.

And I worked.

And I accomplished a lot.

But all I wanted to do was stay at home.

And sleep.

Or read.

Or putter.

I can find excuses in the best of places.

A burnt out light bulb.  Now the bathroom is too dark for me to give it a proper scrub.  I’ll just have to wait until I go to the hardware store and purchase another one.

I can’t finish marking those essays.  Why?  It’s Tuesday of course.  And I haven’t a red pen.  I have plenty of other pens but nary a one that is the colour I’m looking for at this particular moment.

Groceries?  No need to go out and buy them.  There’s a perfectly good bag of popcorn in the cupboard.  Besides it’s warm outside.  And the snow is melting making the streets sloppy and slushy.

And I’ve just washed the vehicle.  Well, a couple of weeks ago I did.

Some days I have the ambition to do everything.

In a day I can accomplish what sometimes takes me a month to do.  Clean and complete paperwork and pay bills, and return phone calls and emails.  Wash clothes.  Knit sweaters, feed the poor, save the environment,

go to the moon.

Or so it seems.

But some days all it takes is a burnt out light bulb to make me stay in my pajamas all day and merely contribute carbon dioxide to the room.

And be perfectly content to do so.


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