A Happy Birthday Post to My Big Sister

Children of the same family, the same blood, with the same first associations and habits, have some means of enjoyment in their power, which no subsequent connections can supply…  ~Jane Austen

When we were little, my big sister and I did everything together.



Got “time outs” on separate chairs at opposite ends of the living room.

We are exactly one year and five days apart…

give or take an hour.

At every new event and experience I had as a kid she was more than often there beside me and we did whatever it was


My first day of school. We walked the looong stretch of driveway side by side and boarded the bus


I didn’t feel as though I was setting out on my own in the big old world because she had “been there” and “done that” before me. I felt as though I was being taken care of by an expert.  That even though I was away from my mother my “mini-mom” was with me.


years later, when I started my first real job working at the mall.  And just like my first day of school she was there by my side.  She was slinging hot dogs at the Fuzzy Orange and at the kiosk next to her and I was scooping ice cream at the Piccadilly Malt and Donut Shop.  She had worked at the mall longer than I so she could tell me all about retail,  and closing up and the “interesting” regulars who’d order nothing but coffee and sit at the same table for hours and hours.   It was comforting to look over on those slow hours on Thursday night when the mall was dead and know that she was keeping me company.

My first year at college, she was there to show me to all my classes and the location of the library…and then the “bomb shelter”  for beer.  Then off we were


to university in the “big city”.  A huge change for us little farm girls.  I’m glad I had my mini-mom with me a mini – mom who was all about putting Kailua in our milk or coffee Saturday morning while we cleaned the apartment.

Then out into the wide world of work.  Where now I value her intellect and expertise but most of all her passion for the profession. A passion that has really become inspirational over the last few years.  At a time when I feel as though I’m too old to find a mentor (because all of mine have retired or *gasp* died) I have my big sister.

Someone who,

as only sisters CAN do,

withstand the test of time that tries all relationships, and be there as an unwavering constant to look up to whenever I need.

Happy Birthday to you my big sister!  I love you!


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