Repost: The Preconception of Predatory Puppies

I’ve decided to go on a diet.  No more preconceived notions for me.  Their consumption usually results in an upset stomach, dizzying disappointment or embarrassing episodes of melodramatic behaviour.

Case in point:

every time I walked down the hall to the staircase in my condo, I would pass a door and have a dog growl and bark at me from the other side.  It was a frantic, territorial bark that always and EVERY single time, caused my heart to leap into my throat.  I usually heard a male voice shout “Freddy! Quiet!”. One day,  as I was just about to open the staircase door into the hallway I heard the ringing of a bell collar and the sound of paws running down the hall.  I had the door opened before my mind could interpret what the noise was then I heard “Freddy!”  I froze in my spot, fists clenched, eyes shut in fearful anticipation of being attacked.  Sure enough it was Freddy that came charging down the hall right at me OFF HIS LEASH.  Barking frantically he barreled into me….

…. and licked my toes.

Freddy was a friendly, albeit yappy, dachshund.

I find that this happens a lot in life.  I dread an event, a meeting for work, an appointment at the bank, a dental procedure, an interview but when the time comes everything turns out just fine, usually nondescript, sometimes even enjoyable.

The imagination’s ability to take the future and morph it into something negative that it would never in a thousand years become.

Sometimes the opposite happens.  Where I have the greatest of expectations and I’m horribly disappointed.  A movie has been raved about.  Friends have seen it a multitude of times.  I finally have an evening free to view it for myself and…



Or I have the expectation that a person will be something or someone they’re not.  It is unfair of me to put that expectation on another person, but I do so because, well, that’s who I am.  I’ve learned that the only way notions come remotely close to being correct is due only to history and repetitive behavior.  If I perceive someone as cruel it’s only because they’ve acted cruel over, and over and over again.  If I perceive someone as kind it’s because they’ve been kind over and over and over again.

I’m going to try not to build something up or break something down until I’m in the midst of the circumstance and evaluate.  And then, only afterwards, will I formulate a notion if the situation warrants one


sometimes we may think there is a big, black, ferocious, Baskerville-esque hound behind the door and we  fret and worry, when in fact it’s just a friendly little dog.


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