Personality Expressed in Paint

Create your own visual style…let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”

Orson Welles

I’ve been living in the same condo for over ten years.  I bought it “as is” with an acceptance of the colour scheme and the flooring choice and the type of wood that made up the cupboards.  Even though it is mine and it did feel like home, I didn’t feel as though it was reflective of my tastes, or my style or who I am.   And when I did buy my furnishings, way back when, I kept in mind neutrality because I intended to share my space with someone else, a husband.  But the husband hasn’t arrived yet and the time has come to replace and renew, well, CHANGE what makes up my personal dwelling place.

Frightening at first.  A huge undertaking.

Not just financially but psychologically as well.  Change with a capital “C”.  The type of change that I’m just going to have to live with even if I don’t love it.  Can a person divorce a residence?  But so far I’ve had nothing to fear.  I love my flooring choice even though in the middle of installation it looked pale pink and I got momentarily nauseous until I realized it was the diluted grout that made it look so.  And I’m finding the “Wedgewood grey” on the walls simply divine.  So far the inconvenience has been worth it. I’ve been uprooted and “camping” at the parents a run of nights here and a smattering of nights there, because the toilets were removed and the water was turned off, then the smell of the paint was too much to bare…

but all for a good cause.

And I’m wondering why I’ve been so apprehensive to institute this change in my life?  Why it took me so long to express my personality and be confident enough to invest in my tastes and have them reflected outwardly?

I’m excited to share this new space with my friends and family once it’s all finished.  To have them see what colours and hues and style that help makes me who I am.

Maybe they’ll learn something new about who I am, just as I’m accepting and learning new things about myself.


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