Freewrite #4

It’s hazy out.

Smoke from forest fires in the neighboring province has wormed its way to my patch of the world.

And it’s a dull, blurry, beige day.

The atmosphere and air quality is hampering my mood.  I feel dull and unmotivated and it’s taken me most of the morning to get out of bed.  It’s not that I feel blue, I’m not sad.  I feel,



and non-descript.

And would be content to blend into the smoke and disappear for the day.  But I do get up and out and make an attempt at constructive tasks.  Fill the vehicle up with fuel.  Wash the vehicle.

And a small feeling of accomplishment begins to edge in, and clear away a bit of smoke.

Next the purchase of supplies needed to paint a table.  A prospective project for when the dullness is chased away by inspiration.  A creation of opportunity.

And the smoke dissipates a bit more.

Next a phone call to a friend and a visit with the nieces, the validation of another’s existence.

And the smoke gets even thinner.

And then,  the baking of fresh blueberry muffins: what seems like an unassuming and prosaic task but is really the true battler of all dreary days.

And a wind comes from the north east and blows away the residual smoke allowing the sun to break through

making the day clear and bright.


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