The Lone Turtle

It was a day at the beach.

And a mighty fine day it was.

Umbrellas, beach chairs, and towels were rented.  Refreshments were conveniently at hand.  Layers and layers and layers of suntan lotion (SPF 50 I’ll have you know) diligently applied.  And last but not least, inflatable flotation devices fully activated.

And swimming

and bobbing

and floating we did.

For an hour.  Then another and another.  Stopping only to hydrate with lemonade and daiquiris’.

Third shift out into the water a voice, as clear as God’s itself, calmly spoke,

“Look out behind you.  There is a turtle.”

And sure enough there was.  At least two feet in diameter.

And he leisurely swam, old man that he was, in and amongst the people. Poking his head above the water once in a while just to scope out the horizon.

Then down he’d go again.

And all agreed that it was one of the coolest experiences of the trip…except for the eight year old with us who was sure it was a snapping turtle until we all convinced her that we were pretty sure sea turtles don’t snap at little girls in pink bathing suits.

As a prairie girl it isn’t often I get to visit with creatures of the sea right in their own home.  But I felt pretty honoured to share this being’s space,

if only for an afternoon


One thought on “The Lone Turtle

  1. Very cool! I also saw a giant turtles in Zakynthos (a.k.a. Zante) in Greece while we were on one of those paddle boats and it was very special, so I know that feeling! It’s awesome to think how old those creatures are and what they must think of us!

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