When does Predictability Become Attractive?

I love Paris, and not just in the springtime.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit, what I consider to be the most beautiful cities in the world,  at least five times.  It’s one of my favourite cities not because of its glamour, not because of its romance, not because of the wealth of its history, and not because it’s,


so “Parisian”.

It’s one of my favourite cities because it’s steady and reliable and predictable without being boring.

The first time I visited was almost 18 years ago.  The last time I visited was two years ago.  Old Paris, the first and second and third arrondissements, are always the same. The Louvre is always where the Louvre has always been. Versailles hasn’t moved any, and the Eiffel Tower, well, the Eiffel Tower is exactly where I left it last time I visited. And all the while, each of these landmarks being breathtakingly sublime upon each and every visit.  When does predictability become attractive? When it has proven to possess allure and beauty from being steadfast and sure.

I’d like to grow old like the City of Light.  I’d like to maintain a sense of timeless charm.  Be an old woman of class with always an intriguing story to tell.

Being changeless in my dignity and grace.

One can only hope!

Versailles and Moi and a lot of pavement in the foreground.


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